Lucy Peta Cubitt


Fresh out of Graphic Design school, freelancing in Bristol, excited to start my career in the creative industry. If you would like to help me transition over, share me to friends, ask for commission and suggest potential employers. Much appreciated. I like to dabble in illustrations, photography, and putting these together with some editorial work. I am mainly inspired by nature and the goodness in people, as well as getting angry and inspired by politics. My surroundings massively influence the work that i am able to create. Being around creative people is one of my favourite things. Drink tea and talk ideas. Also, Peta is my middle name.
Prints available to buy.

The work im willing to show

Pink moon
A small Illustration which i created for the Pink moon which was on the 7th - 8th of April.
animal print Leaf print Butterfly print

‘Together, as one,
we heal.

I created these prints using scans of my and soil that i had picked up outside in my garden. I wanted the images to represent/ show the links between people, nature and animales. We are all connected and we need eachother. The quote i got from a part of a ritual to feel more connected.

Moon print

Type Experiment

4 elements

I created this type face as a response of my research around alters, this idea came when i was trying to recreate symbols for the four elements. I then used it as the basis to tie that project togther. Like a type of branding, creating a sort of branding for the things that you should have represented on your altar. I was picturing these being sold in a zine shop, or like a little magic shop. I designed a insence box to represent air, a crystal book to represent earth, a candle box to represent fire and a water glass jar to represent water. The inside design of the book is based around the stone formation in Carnac Brittany. The circles down the inside of the page are representative of the chakras that the particular stones help.

Air Earth Fire Water
Book layout
A few of spreads from the crystal book